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CDpyrighl ® by The Family Circle, Inc. 




Turkey Dinner 


Clam Broth 


Roast Turkey 


Chestnut Stuffing 


GJblet Gravy 


Cranberry Sauce _ 


Mashed Potatoes j 


Minted Peas .^t 


Creamed Onions Ml 


Plum Pudding \^ 


Roast Beef Dinner 


Roast Beef 


Yorkshire Pudding 


Brussels Sprouts 


Franconia Potatoes 


Nesselrode Pie 


Roast Goose Dinner 


Roast Goose 


Red Cabbage 


Cherry Strudel 


Festive Punches 




Christmas Cookies 


International Pastries 


Buche de Noel 


Exotic Coffees 

' inner is served! The table is set with your best cableware, silver polished 
and glassware glistening. Your clan gathers around and sits down. The head of the 

house presides over the splendid bird and can-'es and serves; an older child cuts up a 

small cousin's slice of meat into bite-size portions for him; an aunt fills the glasses; a 

dieting daughter nobly passes up the mashed potatoes. Everyone settles into the happy 
business of eating the Christmas dinner you have lovingly prepared. 



Creamy clam broih 

Rodst nirkey with eheunui itujfing 

Giblei Gravy Cranberry sastce 

Mashed potatoes 

Mimed peas 

Biiby creautcJ onions 

Plum pudding Apple citler 









Creamv Clam Brorh 

Mokes 12 tervings 

3 bottle* (7 to 8 euncei eoch] clam 

3 cans condented chichsn brath 

1 cup cream for whipping, whipped 

1. Combine ciam juice and chicken 
broth in large saucepan. 

2. Heat slowly over low heat until 

3. Ladle into 12 soup cups ot small 
soup plates. 

4. Float a spoonful of whipped cream 
OQ each serving. 

Roast Turkev 

RoDit at 335° about 5 to m houn. 
Makes 12 servings 

13- to 14-pound turkey 
Plain or leosoned talt 
Chestnut Stuffing (recipe iollows) 
6 tablespoons melted butter or 

Sugared Grape* (recipe follows) 

1. You might tiy one of die frozen 
prebastcd turkeys for your dinner. 
They range in weight from 8 to more 
than 20 pounds. Prebascing means 
that during processing, butler or 
other liquid fai — depending upon 
the brand you choose — is added to 
the bird underneath the skin. Then, 
during roasting, the fat melts and 
bubbles up through and over the 
bird to keep all of the meat moist 
and juicy. Some of these birds come 
tucked ( legs slipped under a tibbon- 
like skin band across opening) and 
others have a clamp to hold the legs 
neatly ia place. For chawing, stuffing, 
aod roasting, follow label directions 
carefully. If you buy a regular fresh 
or frozen turkey, follow dicecttons 
below for thawing, if needed, stuf- 
fing, and roasting. 

2. To thaw: Keep bird in its original 
wrapper and store in your refrigera- 
tor, allowing from 2 to 3 days. Re- 
move giblets and neck from body or 
neck cavity; wash and cook for GiB- 
LET Gravy I recipe followj). Rinse 
inside of turkey with cold water; 
drain well. Store, lightly covered, in 
tefrigeraior uoti! ready to scufi and 

3. To stuff: Make CHESTNUT STUFF- 
ING (recf/'e /a^/owj), but do not put 
into bird until just before roasting 
lime. Sprinkle inside of bird lightly 
with plain or seasoned sail, then 
lightly snifi neck cavitj-. Smooth neck 
skin over stuffing and skewer to back 
of bird. Twist wing lips until they 
rest flat against skewered neck skin. 
Next stuff body cavity. If your turkey 
comes "rucked," slide legs out, stuff 
bird lightly, then slip legs back in 
place, if your turkey is not a "tucked" 
type, lace opening together with 
poultry pins or skewers and string 
and truss legs close to body. 

4. To roast: Brush stuffed bird all over 
with melted burter or margarine. 
Place, breast side up, in roasting 
pan — on a ra-ck, if you wish — but 
do not add water or cover pan. If 
using a meat thermometer, stick 
bulb into the center of a thigh with- 
out touching bone. Roast in slow 
oven (325°) for time suggested on 
turkey wrapper, or about 5 to 5 Vi 
hours for a 12- to l4-pound turkey, 
or until thermometer registers 185°. 
After bird has been in the oven 
about 30 minutes, brush again with 
melted butter. During resr of roasting 
time, baste every half hour with 
buttery drippings in pan. 

5. To test for doneacss: Stan testing 
30 minutes before roasting time is 
up. Proteaing your fingers with 
paper toweling, squeeze meaty part 
of thigh. It should feel soft. Now 
move drumstick up and down. It 
should twist and move easily. When 
turkey is done, place it on a heated 
platter and keep warm while making 
gravy, (Turkey slices more easily 
and neatly if allowed to stand for 
15 to 20 minutes.) Garnish plattet 
with Sugared Grapes (recipe fol- 
lowi) and watercress. Carve bird 
and serve. 

Sugared Grapes — Dip small clusters 
of grapes into a bowl of beaten egg 
whites, then into a bowl of granulated 

Qiestniit Stuffing 

Makes about 10 cups, or enough for a 
12- to 14-pound turkey 

I cup diced celery 
) large onion, chopped (1 cup] 
V* cup {1'/i sticks) butter or 

1 cup peeled chettnult (from a 

2-pound can), drained and 
chopped OR: 1 cup chopped 
roaited fresh chestnut* 
^'Vl teaspoons tall 
J leoipoon poultry seaioning 
Vi teaspoon pepper 
8 cups slightly dry bread cubei 
{about a I-pound loaf) 

2 egg* 

3 lableipoont milk 

1. Sauce celery and onion in butter or 
margarine just until soft in a me- 
diura-size frying pan. 

2. Stir in chestnuts, salt, poultry sea- 
soning, and pepper; saute 3 minutes 
longer. (If using fresh chestnuts, see 
note below on how to roast.) Pour 
chestnut mixrare over bread cubes 
in a large bowl; mix lightly. 

3. Beat eggs with rnilk in a cup; drizzle 
over bread mixture; toss until moist. 

Note: To roast fresh chestnuts, wash 
nuts; cut a slit in both sides of each 
shell; place in a shallow pan. Bake in 
very hot over (475°) 15 minutes. 
Shell nuts: peel off skins. Cook nuts, 
covered, in boiling salted water to cover 
15 to 20 minutes, or until tender; drain. 

Giblct Grav 


Makes about 4 eupi 

Turkey gibleli ond neck 
T medium-iize onion, chopped 

Handful of celery lopi 
1 teaspoon salt 
1 boy leof 

1 chicken bouillon cube 
4 cups water 
'A cup flour 

Salt and pepper 

1, Combine turkey giblets (except 
liver) and neck with onion, celery 
tops, salt, bay leaf, bouillon cube 
and water in a saucepan. Simmer I 
hour, or until tender. Add liver dur- 
ing last 20 minutes of cooking. 
Srrain broth; measure; add water, if 
needed, to make 4 cups. Chop gib- 
lets line and sur into broth. Cool, 
then chill until ready to make gravy. 

Cniis much can be done a day 
2. After turkey has been removed from 
roasting pan, remove rack, if used; 
tip pan and let fat rise in one corner. 
Pour off all fat into a bow!, leaving 
juices in pin. Return 8 tablespoons 
fat to pan, then blend in flour. Cook, 
stirring constantly, just until bubbly. 
Stir in the 4 cups stock and gibleis. 
Continue cooking and stirriog, scrap- 
ing baked -on juices from bottom 
and sides of pan, until gravy thickens 
and boils 1 minute. Season to taste 
with salt and pepper. 

Old Fashioned 

Cranberr\' Sauce 

Minted Peas 

Makei 8 cupi 

4 cupi tugar 
2 eup( water 
8 cups (2 pounds} waihsd fresh 


Heat sugar and water to boiling in large 
saucepan; add cranberries; bring to boil; 
lower heat and simmer 5 minutes, or 
until slcins pop open. Let stand, without 
stirring, until cold. 

Fluffy Mashed Poratoes 

Mokes 12 servings 

12 medium-siied poiotoe*, pared and 
cut up 
B tablespoons (1 stick} butler or 

I cup milh 

Salt and pepper 

!. Boil potatoes in small amount of 
slightly salted water about 15 to 20 
minutes, or until tender. 

2, Drain well; place over low heat, 
shaking pan gently, about one min- 
ute 10 dry potatoes, stir in butter or 
margarine and milk. 

3. Mash, then beat with an electric 
mixer or wire whisk until fluffy. 
Season to taste with salt and pepper. 
Cover pan lightly, place over hot 
water to keep hoi until serving time. 

Makes 12 servings 

6 pounds fresh peot, shelled (6 cups) 
Of): 6 cups frozen peas (from 
two 2 -pound bags) 

2 small onions, groled 

2 leaspoonx sail 

2 teaspoons sugar 

4 tablespoons butter or margarine 

1 tablespoon dried mini 

1. Combine fresh peas, onion, salt, and 
sugar in a saucepan; piout in water 
to a depth of about an inch; cover. 

2. Cook 13 minutes, or just until peas 
are lender; drain. (If using frozen 
peas, combine with onion, salt, and 
sugar, then cook, following label 
directions. ) 

3. Melt in butter or margarine; crumble 
dried mint and stir it in; spoon into 
a heated serving bowL 

B:ihy Creamed Onions 

Makes 12 servings 

3 pounds small while onions, peeled 
6 lablespaont ('4 slick) butler or 

6 tablespoons flour 
1 teospoon salt 
Vt teaspoon pepper 
3 cupt milk 

1. Cook onions in boiling salted water 
in a saucepan 20 minutes, or until 
tender; drain; return to saucepan. 

2. While onions cook, melt butter or 
margarine over low heat in a sauce- 
pan; blend in flour, salt, and pepper; 
cook, stirring constantly, just until 
bubbly. Stir in milk; continue cook- 
ing and stirring until sauce thickens 
and boils 1 minute. 

3. Pour over drained onions; heat 
slowly just until bubbly. 

Plum Pudding 

Makes B to 10 servings 

Vi cup sifted regular flour 
'/] teaspoon baking soda 
I teaspoon ground cinnamon 
14 teaspoon ground cloves 
'i teospoon salt 
V4 cup fine dry bread crumbs 

!i cup (1 slich) butter or morgarine 
y* cup firmly packed light brown 

3 eggs 

1 can (I pound, 14 ounces) purple 
plums, drained, pitted, and 
I tablespoon grated orange rind 
1 package (8 ounces) pitted dates, 

cut up 
1 cup seedless raisins 
1 container (8 ounces) mixed chopped 

candied fruits 
1 cup chopped pecan* 
M cup curronls 

Rum Hard Sauce (recipe tolhwi) 

1. Grease an 8-cup mold; dust evenly 
with granulated sugar, tapping out 
any excess. 

2. Sift flour; soda, cinnamon, doves, 
and salt into a small bowl; stir in 
bread crumbs. 

3- Cream butter or margarine with 
brown sugar until fluffy-light in a 
large bowl; beat in eggs, one ar a 
lime, then stir in plums and orange 

4. Stir in flour mixture until blended; 
fold Jo dates, raisins, candied fruits, 
pecans, and currants. Spoon into pre- 
pared mold. Cover with lid of mold 
or with foil, transparent wrap, or a 
double thickness of waxed paper and 
fasten with string to hold tightly. 

5. Place on a rack or trivet in a kettle 
or steamer; pour in boiling water to 
half the depth of pudding mold; 
cover tifihilv. 

6. Steam 4'.; hours, or until pudding 
is firm and a long skewer inserted in 
center comes out clean. (Keep water 
boiling gently duiing entire cooking 
time, adding more boiling water, if 
needed. ) 

7. Cool pudding in mold 5 minutes. 
Loosen around edge with a knife; in- 
vert onto a serving place. Let stand 
about 1 3 minutes to cool. Garnish 

with spoonfuls of RUM HARD SAUCE; 
trim with candied red cherries and 
leaves cut from angelica, if you 
wish. Serve warm. 

Rum Hard Sauce — Beat V2 cup ( l 
stick) butter or margarine with I^^ 
cups sifted lOX (confectioners pow- 
dered) sugar and 2 tablespoons light 
rum until creamy and fluffy-light in a 
small bowl. Makes about I14 cups. 



Ifrer all, you might think, you just had turkey for Thanksgiving — and 
what Himself your husband really loves best is beef. Why nor? The standing rib roast 

here will make Qiristmas dinner memorable, especially with Old English Yorkshire 
pudding (tricky but a good dish to show off your virtuosity as a cook). Here's a care- 
fully conceived and slightly sophisticated menu that will establish you as the darling of 
every gourmet luckv enough to be invited. 


Shrimp cocktail 

u-ilh ham crisps 

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding 

Baby Brussels sprouts 

with water chestnuts 

Franco'iia potatoes 

Green salad u-ilb tomatoes 

Nesselrade pie Demitasse 

The best red Bordeaux tvsne 

you can buy 


J - 

y;'i^^ • 







»; t/. 









Roost ot 333" for 2'/i to 3 hours. 
Mokes 8 servings 

3-rtb rooii beef, oven-ready, weighing 
about 8 pogndt 

1, Rub toBst with flour, salt, And pep- 
per; place, fai side up, in roasting 
pan. (Ribs form their own rack.) If 
using a meat thermometer, insert 
bulb into meaty center without 
touching bone. Do Qot add water or 
cover pan. Roast in slow oven 
(325°) about 18 minutes per pound 
for rare, or 22 minutes pet pound 
for medium. Thermometer should 
register 140° for tare or 160° for 

2. Remove roast to a heated serving 
platter; let stand 10 to 15 minutes 
for easier carving. Garnish platter 
with parsley. 

Bake ot 425" for 35 to 40 minutes. 
Mokes 8 servings 

3 eggs 

1 cup milh 

1 cup sifted flour 

M teaspoon tall 

Vi cup beef drippings from roost 

1. Beat eggs slightly with rotary beater 
in bowl; add milk, flour, and salt; 
beat briskly V2 minute; scrape side 
of bowl; beat 1 ''j minutes longer. 
Baner will be smooth and thin. 

2. Put drippings in a 9" s 9" x 2" bak- 
ing pan with deep straight sides (the 
Straight sides help the pudding rise). 
Heat pan and drippings in oven 2 
minutes. Pout in batter. Set on oven 
shelf in back of roast or on shelf 
above it. 

3. Bake in hot oven (425°) 20 min- 
utes ( pudding will have puffed 
enough to hold its shape when you 
Open oven door) ; take out toast. 
Bake pudding 15—20 miDutes longer. 

ot until golden. Cut in squares. (If 

baking pudding separately, there is 

no need to look at it while it is in 

the oven, ) 

Note: To keep pudding crisp and hot 

if it must wait a few minutes before 

servitig, make a small slii in the side to 

let steam escape. Put back in hot oven 

with heat turned off and door open. 

Baby Brussels Sprouts 
with Water Chestnuts 

Mokes 8 Eervir«gs 

2 pints Brussels sprouts 

2 loblespoons sugar 

2 tablespoons cider vinegar 

2 toblespoons water 

2 teaspoont dried tarragon leovet, 

2 cant water chestnuts, drained and 

cut in til vara 

1. Trim and wash sprouts, then halve 
each lengthwise. Cook, covered, in 
boiling salted water in a medium- 
size saucepan 12 minutes, ot just 
until tender; drain. 


2. Sprinkle the remaining ingredienis 
over; loss lightly lo mix. 

Franconb Potatoes 

Boke 01 325° for 1 hour. 
Makes 6 tervingt 

10 madium-iiie potaloei, pored and 

I. Cook potatoes, covered, in boiling 
sailed water in medium-size saucepan 
15 minutes, or just until barely 
tender; drain. 

I. Place pocaroes in pan with roast beef 
1 hour before meat is done; continue 
roasting, basting potatoes with drip- 
pings and turning them once or twice 
lo cook and biown evenl)', 

Nesselrode Pie 

boke shell at 425' for 15 minutes. 
Makes one P"-pie 

!^ package piecrud mix 

2 •nvetopes unflavored gelatin 
Vi cup sugar 
4 egss, seporoted 
Wt cups milk 
VI cup light rum 
'4 leoipoon cream of tartar 
1 cup cream for whipping 
1 jar (10 ounce*) nesselrode dessert 
Red food coloring 

1. Prepare piecrust mix, following label 
directions, or make pastry from your 
favorite single-crust recipe. Roll out 
to a 12-inch round on a lightly 
floured pastry clorh or board; fit into 
a 9-inch pic plate. Trim overhang 
to Yi inch; rurn edge under, flush 
vrith rim; flute to make a stand-up 
edge. Prick shell well all over with 
a fork. 

2. Bake in hot oven (425°) 15 min- 
utes, or until pastry is golden; cool. 

3. Mix gelatin and \\ cup of the sugar 
in a medium-size saucepan, beat in 
egg yolks, then milk, 

4. Cook slowly, stirring constantly, un- 
til gelatin dissolves and mixture 

thickens slightly; pour inro a large 
bowl. Stir in rum. 

5. Place bowl in a deep pan of ice and 
water to speed setting. Chill, stirring 
several tiroes, just until as thick as 
unbeaten egg white. 

6. While gelatin mixture chills, beat 
egg whites with cream of tartar un- 
til foamy-white and double in vol- 
ume in a medium-size bowl. Beat in 
remaining '4 cup sugar, 1 table- 
spoon at a time, until meringue 
sands in firm peaks. Beat cream un- 
til stiff in a bow!. 

~. Stir nesselrode sauce and a few drops 
food coloring into thickened gelatin 
mixture; fold in meringue, then 
whipped cream. Spoon into cooled 
pastry shell. Chili. 

8. Just before serving, garnish with 
puffs of whipped cream and frosted 
grapes, if you wish. (To fix grapes: 
Beat 1 egg white slightly with 5^ 
teaspoon water in a small bowl. Dip 
1 or 2 small bunches of green grapes 
into egg-white mixture, then sprinkle 
with sugar. Place on paper toweling 
until dry.) 









'ome people would argue with heated conviction that roast goose for Christmas 
dinner is not exotic at all, but thoroughly American. Well, no matter how much it has 

been served in our country, the custom of goose for Christmas was brought here by the 
Germans, and it is still the traditional fesdve fowl of much of Europe. While your 

supermarket may not always have fresh goose, frozen goose is widely available. Order 
one well ahead, and then, to help enjoy it, invite a few guests — not the neighbors 

or your best friends this time, but somebody who's away from home, or new in town, 
or (better yet) a foreign visitor or two from another country. 




Mulled cranberry juke 

Roast goose with fruil stuffing 

Red cabbage 


Whole green beans with 

sliced fresh mushrooms 

Cherry strudel 

Full-bodied dry red and white wines, 

such as a red and a white Rhone 

I . '•■- 



» a 






y v.».: 

If . \ 




Mulled Cranberry Juice 

Make I 8 lorvings 

1 botlla (1 quart) cranberry |uic« 


2 cup* apple cider 
Va cup golden raitmi 

5 whole clovBi 
5 whole allipice 

1. Combine cranberry juice cocktail, 
cider, and raisins in a medium-size 
saucepan. Tie doves and allspice in 
a cheesecloth bag and add (o pan. 

2. Heat slowly, 3 minutes, or just until 
warm; remove spice bag. 

3. Ladle into stemmed glasses, adding 
some of the raisins to each. 

Roast Goose witii 

Fruit Stuffing 

Roost «l 325'' for 3'/i hour*. ~ 

Moket 6 serving! 

1 froien Y^^xfl goate (ahoul 9 

I packoge (II ouncet] mixed dried 

1 cup orange \ti\tt 
10 slices white bread, toasted ond 

^A teaspoon ground ginger 
Vi teaspoon ground cinnamon 
Vi teaspoon ground nutmeg 
1/4 teaspoon ground doves 
Apricot brandy 
Gibtet Gravy Irecfpe follows) 

1. Thaw goose 2 or 3 days ia refrig- 
erator. Remove giblets; also remove 
any large pieces of fat from inside 
goose. Rinse with cold water; drain. 

2. Dice fiuit; combine with orange 
juice in small bowi; let stand about 
30 minutes. 

3- Combine bread and spices in large 

bowl; pour fruit mixture over; toss 
until evenly moistened (mixcute will 
seem somewhat dry). 

4. Stuff about 1 cup fruit dressing in 
neck cavity; fold skin over and hold 
in place with wing rip or skewers. 

3. Stuff remaining dressing into body 
cavity. Close vent with skewers ot 
sew with needle and thread. 

6. Place goose on rack in shallow pan; 
prick with two-tined fork in fatly 
areas around legs and wings. Do not 
cover; do not add water, 

7. Roast in slow oven (325°) 1 hour; 
remove accumulated fat from pao. 
Drain fat twice mote, roasting gtxise 
3 hours in all. Brush goose with apri- 
cot brandy; roast 30 minutes longer, 
brushing with apricot brandy every 
10 minutes. Remove to heated plat- 
ter. To serve, carve breast into thin 
slices and separate drumsticks and 
(highs at point. Garnish platter with 
chicory and ted grapes, if you wish. 

GiBLET Gravy: Cook neck, gizzard, 
and heart in salted water in small sauce- 
pan [with celery tops, if you wish) 2 
hours, ot until tender; add liver; cook 
1 5 minutes longet. Drain, adding water 
if needed to make 2 cups. Dice meat, 
discarding bone and gristle. Measure l^ 
cup of drippings from roasting pan 
into medium-size saucepan; stir in Va 
cup of the flour until blended. Stir in 2 
cups broth; cook and stir until mixture 
thickens and boils 1 minute. Stir in 
diced meat and I tablespoon chopped 
parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Red Cabbaee 

Makes 6 servings 

2 tmall heodt of red cabboge (about 
2 pounds) 

2 large tart apples (not pored) 
4 tablespoons butler or margarine 
2 medium-size onions, chopped 

Vi cup red currant jelly 
Vi eup water 

4 tablespoons lemon juice 

2 teaspoons salt 

1. Shred cabbage. Halve, core, and dice 

2. Melt butter or margarine in large 
skillet; stir in cabbage, apple, onion, 
jelly, watet, lemon juice, and salt 
until well blended; covet. 

3. Heat to boiling. Simmer, stirring oc- 
casionally, about 25 minutes, or un- 
til liquid has almost evaporated and 
cabbage is tender. 

Fresh-Baked Strudel 

Bake cherry-filled strudel al 350° for 1 


Makes 10 to 13 servings 

3 cups sifted regular flour 

1 egg 

1 cup {2 sticks) butter or margarine, 

H cup lukewarm water 
1 cup fine dry breed crumbs 

1QX (confectioners powdered) sugar 

t. Sift fiour onto waxed paper. 

2. Beat egg in i large bowl; stir in 2 
-tablespoons of the melted butter or 

margarine and half of the watet. 
Beat in half of the flour until 
smooth, Chen temaitiing water and 
remaining fiout. { Dough will be 
slightly elastic.) 

3. Lightly oil hands and a pastry board; 
turn dough out onto board. Knead 
a few times; shape into a ball. Pick 
up ball and throw down onto board 
for 10 minutes, ot until dough is 
very smcxjth and elastic. Again shape 
into a baU; place on board; cover 
with a warm bowl. Let stand 20 min- 

4. Make fiUiog. 


Cherry Filling for Strudel 
Makei enough for 1 ilrudat 

A like* white bread 

6 lablespooni (^4 stick) butter or mar' 

garine, melted 
2 con* (about 1 pound, 6 ounces 

each) cherry pie filling 
M cup *livered toasted almonds 
'4 cup sugar 
% teaspoon almond extract 

1. Trim crusts from bread, then tear 
bread inco coarse crumbs; spread 
out in Urge shallow baking pan. 

2. Heat in slow oven ( 500° ) 15 min- 
utes, or until drj' but not toasted; 
cnimble to make fine crumbs. 
( There should be about 1 '/i cups. ) 
Mix with 4 tablespoons of the 
melted butter or margarine in small 

3. Pour cherry pie filling into colan- 
der set in large bowl. Lift and turn 
pie filling over and over with rub- 
ber spatula so most of the thick- 
ened juice will drain off. You 
should have 3 cups cherries and 
juice remaining. ( Serve drained 
thickened juice — there'll be about 
1 Vi cups — as a sauce on pudding 
another day.) 

4. Gimbined drained cherries, al- 
monds, sugar, almond extraa, and 
remaining 2 tablespoons melted 
butter or margarine in a large bowl. 

5. Spread a large tablecloth or folded 
sheet over a card table or 3-/oot- 
squaie kitchen tabic, leaving at 
least 6 inches overhang on all sides 
10 hold cloth in place. Keep the 
table away from the wall so vou 
can move atouod it as you work. 
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons flout over 
cloth and rub in well to keep dough 
from sticking. 

6. Place dough in middle of cloth. 
Pai into a square, then roll out to 

at) IS-inch square, picking up 
dough and turning it over several 
times to prevent slicking. (See Fig. 
I.) Brush dough lightly with 
melted butter or margarine. 

7. Place hands under middle of dough 
and. using your fists, back of hands, 
or palms with fingers together, pull 
and stretch dough toward table 

edge. (See Fig. 2.) Move round 
and round the table, stretching a 
little more each time, until dough 
becomes tissue-thin and hangs over 
table edges on all sides. Work 
slowly, pulling steadily and evenly 
to avoid large tears that cannot be 
repaired. Trim off any thick edges 
of dough. Brush generously with 
melted butter ot margarine; sprin- 
kle with 1 cup bread crumbs. 

8. Spoon filling in an 18 x 3-inch 
Strip at one end of dough, slightly 
in from edge. Fold end over filling, 
brush with more of the melted 
butter or margarine, then fold sides 
over filling and unfilled part of 
dough. Brush folds with more 
melted buner or margarine, 

9- Starting at filled end of strudel, lift 
tablecloth to cause dough to roll up 
tightly, jelly-toll fashion. (See Figs, 
3 and 4.) Place in a jelly-roll pan, 
15x10x1. Brush roll well with 
melted butter or margarine- 
10. Bake in moderate oven (350°), 
brushing every 15 minutes with re- 
maining butter or margarine, ! 
hour, or until golden. Cool in 
pan just until firm; remove to a 
cutting board. Press lOX sugar 
through a sieve on top. Cut cross- 
wise into thick slices with a ser- 
rated knife and a sawing tnotion; 
serve warm or cold. 






anned and frozen fruit juices, bottled beverages, milk, and 
sherbet go into these refreshing punches for big and little groups. For extra-festive 

couches, sail a few bright fruit floaters on top, or frame the punch bowl with 
your own fancy fresh flowers. Pictured; Garnet Sparkle. 











^^ "^ 


,^\^ .. 



Garner Sparkle 

An icy cranbetry-juiee mold mallowi the 

tang of Ihis cool refresher 

Makes about 25 punch-cup servingt 

Cranb«rry lee Ring (directions follow) 
V^ cup light corn fyrup 
1 cup light rum 
1 bottfe (33 ounce*] cronberry-juIc« 

cocktail, chilled 
I bottle (about 25 ouncoi) claret 

wirte, chilled 
1 bottle (28 ouncei) carbonated wa* 
ter, chilled 
Seedleis-oronge slices 
Strawberriei, washed 

1. One or two days before your patty, 


2. Just befoce serving, blend cotn 
syrup into rum in a punch bowl; 
stir in cranberry. juice cockcail, wioe, 
a ad carbonated water. 

3- Add ice ring. Float several orange 
slices and strawberries on top. 

Cranberry Ice Ring — Blend 1 bottle 
( 32 ounces) cranberry -juice cocktail 
and 4 cups water in an 8-ciip mold. 
Freeie until firra. To remove from 
moiri, dip mold very quickly in and 
out of a pan of hot water; iovett onto 
a plate, then slide geatly into punch 

GJDgef Blush 

Osnerous measure of grenadine lyrup 

adds the rosy color 

Mokei about 35 punch-cup lervings 

Plain Ice Mold (direcrioni Follow) 
3 cant (6 ounces eoch] froien can* 
centrote for lemonade. Ihowed 
2 bottle* (about 28 ounces each) 

ginger ale 
2 bottles (about 28 ouncei each) 

quinine water 
1 cup bottled grenadine syrup 
Vl lemon, sliced 
Vi lime, sliced 
Fresh mint 

1. One or two days before your party, 

2. Just before serving, combine con- 
centrated lemonade, ginger ale, qui- 
nine water, and grenadine syrup in 
a punch bowl. 

3. Add ice mold. Thread each lemon 
and lime slice with a sprig of mini; 
float on top. 

Plain Ice Mold — Fill a 6-oc 8-cup 
mold with water; freeze until firm. To 
remove from mold, dip mold very 
quickly in and out of a pan of hot 
water; invert onto a plate, then slide 
gently into punch bowL 

Gcier S yllabub 

Makes 12 servings, obout ^h cup each 

IV* cup« tugor 
3 cups apple cider 
3 tablespoons groted lemon rind 
V* cup lemon juice 

1 teaspoon light corn syrup 

'/i teaspoon bottled aromatic bitters 

2 egg whites 
2 cups milk 

1 cup light cream or table cream 

1. Oimbine 1 cup of the sugar, elder, 
lemon rind and juice, com syrup, and 
bitters in a large bowl; stir until 
sugar dissolves. Chill several hours, 
oc until ftosty-cold, 

2. Just before serving, beat egg whites 
until foamy-white in a small bowl; 
bear in remaining !4 cup sugar, I 
tablespoon at a time, until meringue 
stands in lirm peaks. 

3. Beat milk and cream into cider mix- 
ture until frothy; pOur into a punch 
bowl. Spoon meringue in small pufis 
on top. Serve in punch cups, float- 
ing meringue on each. 

Double Raspberry Frost 

For a festive touch, Root o few frozen 

red rosp berries on top 

Mokes about 25 punch-cup servings 

1 cup bottled raspberry syrup 

2 cups watar 

3 cans (6 ouncei each} froien con- 

centrate for lemonode 
2 bottles (28 ounces each) raspberry- 
flavor carbonated beverage 
Ice cufaei 

1. Stir raspberry syrup into water in 
a punch bowl; stir in concentrated 
lemonade and raspberry carbonated 

2. Add ice; £oat a few frozen red rasp- 
berries and sprigs of mint on top, if 
you wish. 





Mokei 20 servings, about 1 cup each 

18 egg* 

2 cupi very fine granulated tugar 
4 cups bourbon 
1 cup cognac 
1 tflotpoon vanilla 
4 cups light cream or table cream 
6 cups heavy cream 
Grated nutmeg 

1. Separate eggs, placing yolks in a 
large bow! and whites in a second 
lacge bowl. 

2. Add sugar to egg yolks; beat until 
fluffy'thick. Stir In bourbon, cognac, 
vanilla, and light cream. Chill several 
hours, or until very cold. 

3- Beat egg whites until they stand in 
firm peaks. Beat heavy cream until 
stiff in a large bowl. Fold beaten 
egg whites, then whipped cream into 
egg-yolk mixture; pour inio a large 
punch bowl. Sprinkle with grated 
nutmeg. Ladle into punch cups. 

> ^ 

T^ . ^ 

• '^M. 



Cookies go with Christmas in much the 
same way as trees and wreaths and gifts. 
You almost can't imagine celebtating 
without. Everyone feels like a kid about 
cookies — ready to be enchanted by 
snowmen and reindeer, bells and nabins' 
nests and stars, to admire your cutouts 
and sugar-candy trims, and of course to 
consume quancities. If you'te a con- 
firmed Christmas cooky baker, we 
needn't tel! you how they rate as gifcv 
You've given, you've heaid, and you 
know. What we can do is help you bake 
as many kinds as you could ever need 
with the following recipes. 



■ /' 



Orange Bells 

Bake □) 350° about 6 minutei. 
Mokes oboul 2 5 dozen tiny cookiei 

2Vt cups tifted regulnr flour 
3 teaspoons baking powder 
Vi teaspoon salt 

Vi cup (1 slick) butler ar margarine 
1H cupi sugar 
1 whole egg 

1 loblespoon creom 

11^ leatpoons orange extract 

2 egg yolkt 

) laatpoon woter 

'^ cup finely chopped pistachio nuts 
lli teaspoons grated orange rind 

1. Sift flour, baking powdet, and salt 
onto waxed paper. 

2. Cream buner or margarine and 1 
cup of the sugar until fluffy-light in 
a large bowl. Beat in whole egg, 
cream, and orange extract. 

3. Stir in flour mixture, a third at a 
time, blending well to (iiake a soft 
dough. Chill several hours, or over- 
night, until firm enough to roll. 

4. Roll out, a quarter at a time. Vie inch 
thick, on a lightlj' floured pisity cloth 
or board. Cut into bell shapes with 
a floured ciny cooky cutter. Place on 
greased large cooky sheets. 

5. Mix egg yolks with water in a cup; 
strain. Mix remaining I3 cup sugar, 
pistachio nuts, and grated orange 
rind in a second cup. Brush cookies 
with egg-yolk mixture, then sprinkle 
with orange mixture. 

6. Bake in moderate oven (550°) 6 to 
7 minutes, or until firm but not 
brown. Remove carefully from cooky 
sheets to wire racks; cool completely. 

Robin's Nesis 

Bake at 350° for 13 minutes. 
Makes 3 doien cookies 

2V4 cups sifted regular flour 

1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine 
Vi cup ffrinly packed brown sugar 

2 eggSj separated 
^\^ teaspoons vanilla 

1 Vi cups finely chopped walnuts 
Fondant Eggs (recipe follows) 

1. Sift flour onto waxed paper. 

2. Cream butter or margarine with 
brown sugar until flui^'-light in a 

medium-size bowl; beat in egg yolks 
and vanilla. Stir in flour, half at a 
time, blending well to make a stiff 

3. Beat egg whites until foamy in a pie 
plate; sprinkle waiauts on waxed pa- 

4. Roil dough, ! ceaspooniu! at a time, 
into balls Isetween palms of hands; 
roll each in egg white, then into 
walnuts to coat all over. Place, 2 
inches apart, on large cooky sheets. 
Press a hollow in center of each 
with fingertip. 

5. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 12 
minutes, or until firm and lightly 
golden. Remove from cooky sheets 
to wire tacks; cool completely. Place 
a Fondant Egg in each "nest." 

FONDANT EGGS— Cream 2 table- 
spoons butter or margarine until soft 
in a small bowl; stir in 3 tablespoons 
light corn symp, Vl teaspoon almond 
extract, and 2 cups sifted lOX (con. 
fectioners powdered ) sugar until 
smooth. Knead in 2 drops blue food 
coloring and 1 drop green food color- 
ing to tint tobin's-egg blue. Pinch off 
fondant, I'j teaspoonful at a time, and 
roll into egg shapes between palms of 
hands. Makes 3 dozen tiny candy eggs. 

Jolly Snowmen 

Bake at 350° for TO minutes. 

Mokes 2 dozen 5h-inch cookies 

3Vt cups sifted regular flour 
1 teaspoon baking powder 
a teaspoon salt 
1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine 

1 cup sugar 

2 eggs 

1 teaspoon lemon axlract 

1 package creamy while frosting 

1 package (7 ounces) cooky coconut 
Green and red decorating 

Tiny chocolate decorating rounds 

1. Sift flout, baking powder, and salt 
onto waxed paper, 

2. Cream ^A cup (IV^ sticks) of the 
butter or margarine with sugar until 
fluffy-iighi in a large bowl; beat in 
eggs and lemon extraci. Stir ia £our 

mixture, a third at a time, blending 
well to make a stiff dough. Chili 
several hours, or overnight, until firm 
enough to roll. 
5, Roll out dough, one quartet at a 
rime, Vs inch (hick, on a lightly 
floured pastry cloth or board ; cut 
into snowman shapes with a large 
floured cutter, or cut around your 
own cardboard pattern with a sharp 
knife. Place, 1 inch apart, on large 
cooky sheets. ReroU and cut out idl 

4. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 10 
minutes, or until firm and lightly 
golden. Remove from cooky sheets 
to wire racks; cool completely, 

5. Prepare frosting mix with remaining 
Va cup butter or margarine and wa- 
ter, following label direaions; spread 
a heaping tablespoonfui on each 
cooky; sprinkle generously with coco- 
nut. Press green and red sprinkles 
into frosting to resemble a scarf, and 
set chocolate rounds in place for 
eyes and nose. Lei cookies stand un- 
til frosting is fitm. 

Meringue Stars and Kisses 
Bake at 250° for 30 minutes. 
Mokes obou) 5 dozen liny cookies 

Z egg whites 

Vi teaspoon cream of tartar 
M teaspoon salt 
a cup granulated sugar 
Green decorating sugar 

1. Beat egg whites, cream of tartar, and 
sail until foamy-white and double in 
volume in a medium-size bowl. 

2. Sprinkle in granulated sugar. 1 table- 
spoon at a time, beating all the time 
until sugar completely dissolves and 
meringue stands in firm peaks. Beat- 
ing will take about 10 minutes in 
all with an electric beater, 

3. Attach a plain or star tip to a pastry 
bag; spoon meringue into bag. Press 
out into kisses ot stars, 1 inch apart, 
onto foil-coveted large, cooky sheets. 
Leave plain or sprinkle with green 

4. Bake in very stow oven (250°) 30 
minutes, or until firm but not bcown. 
Remove carefully from foil to wire 
racks; cooi completely. 


Peppermint Bonbons 

Shorrbread Roses 

Bake at 350° for 12 minules. 
Make: about 4 dozen cookies 

2 cups sifted regular flour 
Vz teaspoon baking powder 
W teaspoon salt 

Vz cup (I stick) butler or margarine 
V^ cup sugar 

1 egg 

1 tquare unsweetened chocolate, 

1 leaspaon vanilla 

Peppermint Glaie (recipe follows) 

1. Siii flour, bakiag powdef, and salt 
onto waxed paper. 

2. Oeam butier or margarine with 
sugar until fiuffy-iight in a large 
bowl; beat in egg, chocolace, and 
vanilla. Scir in flour mixture, half 
at a time, blending well to make a 
stiff dough. 

3. Roll dough, a rounded leaspoonfol 
at a lime, into balls between palms 
of hands; place, 1 inth apart, on 
lightJj' greased large cooky sheets. 

4. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 12 
minute:, or until firm. Remove from 
cooky sheets to wire racks; let cooi 

5. When ready id frost cookies, place 
about an inch apart on wire racks 
set on waxed paper or foil. Spoon 
Peppermint Glaze over cookies to 
cover completely; let set slightly. 
Scrape any frosting that drips onto 
paper back into bowl; stir well. 
Spoon another layer over cookies to 
make a chick coating; lei stand until 
firm. Trim with holly leaves and 
berries, using decorating frostings in 
pressurized cans or plastic tubes, if 
you wish. 

cups sifted lOX (confectioners pow- 
dered ) sugar, 3 tablespoons water, ^ 
teaspoon peppermint extract, and '4 
teaspoon red food coloring in a medium. 
size bowl; beat until smooth. (Frosting 
will be thin enough to pour from a 
spoon. If it gets too thick while frost- 
ing ctjokics, add a few drops water and 
beat again until smooth.) Makes about 
1 cup. 

Bake at 325° for 20 mTnutes. 
Mokes obou! 5 dozen cookiet 

1 cup (2 slicks) butter or margarine 
Vi cup very fine granulated sugar 
'i teaspoon anise extract 
2U cups lifted regular flour 
Pink decorating sugar 
Tiny yellow candies 

1. Cream butter or margarine with 
granulated sugar until fluffy-light in 
a large bowl; beat in anise extract. 

2. Stir in flour, one third at a time, 
blending well ro make a stiS dough. 
Knead 10 to !5 minutes, or until 
smooth. Chill several hours, or over- 
night, until firm enough lo handle, 

3. Roll or pat out dough, one quarter 
at a time, 1.4 inch thick, oo a lightly 
floured pastry cloth or board. Cut 
into small rounds with a 1 '/i-inch 
scalloped cutter. Place, 1 indi apart, 
on large cooky sheets. Reroll and 
cut out all trimmings. 

4. Sprinkle cookies with pink sugar; 
place a yellow candy in center of 

5. Bake in slow oven (325°) 20 min- 
utes, or until firm but not brown. 
Remove from cooky sheets to wire 
racks; let cool completely. 

Fruit Sprit^ 

Etake at 375° for 10 minules. 

Mokes about 10 dozen cookies 

4\i cups sifted regular flour 
I teaspoon baking powder 
Dash of salt 

11^ cups (3 sticks) butter or margarine 
1 cup sugar 

1 egg 

2 toblespoons thawed froxen con- 

centrate for pineapple-orange 

Silver decorating candies 
Red and green decorating sugars 

1. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt 
onro waxed paper. 

2. Cream butter or margarine with 
sugar until fiufiy-lighi in a large 
bowl; beat in egg and pineapple- 
orange juice. 

3. Stir in flour mixture, a quarter at a 
time, blending well EO make a stifi 

4. Fit rosette, tree, or animal plate or 
disk onto cooky press; fill with 
dough. Press out, 1 inch apart, onto 
large cooky sheets. Decorate with 
silver candies or sprinkle with deco- 
rating sugars. 

5. Bake in moderate oven (375°) 10 
minutes, or until firm but nor brown. 
Remove from cooky sheets to wire 
racks; cool completely. 

Tangerine Snowballs ^^^ 

Makes about 3'/i-dozen cookies 

1 pockage (10 ounces) shortbread 

cookies, crushed 
1 cup cooky coconut flakes 
M cup sifted lOX (confectioners 

powdered) sugar (for cookies) 
Vi cup thawed frozen concentrate for 
tangerine juice 
Sifted 10X {confectioners pow- 
dered) sugar [for coaling) 

1. Mix cooky crumbs, coconut, and the 
?4 cup lOX sugar in a medium-siie 

2. Stir in tangerine juice until well 

3. Roll mixture, a teaspoonful at a 
time, into balls between palms of 
hands; roll each in lOX sugar in a 
pie plate to coat generously. 

Date Aaordiun,^ 

Bake at 350° tor 25 minutes. 
Mokes about 6 dozen cookies 

Vi cup sifted regulor flour 

Vi teaspoon baking powder 

Va teaspoon salt 

3 eggs 

1 cup sugar (for dough) 

2 tablespoons orange juice 

I package (8 ounces) pitied dale*, 

1 cup chopped pecans 
'/« cup chopped candied orange peet 
Sugar (for coating) 
Canned or refrigerated ready-lo- 

ipread vanrlla frosting 
Green decorating gel in plastic tube 

1. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt 
onto waxed paper. 

2. Beat eggs until foamy-light in a 
large bowl; slowly beat in the 1 cup 


sugar; contioue beaciog until mix- 
rare is fluffy-thick. Stir in orange 

3. Void in flour mixture, dates, pecans, 
and ocaQge peel. Spread evenly in a 
greased baking pan, 13 k 9 x 2. 

4. Bake ia moderate oven (550") 25 
niinuccs, or until golden and top 
springs back when lightly pressed 
with fingertip. Cool in pan on a 
wire rack 15 minutes, 

5. Cut lengthwise into 9 strips and 
crosswise into 8 lo make 72 pieces, 
about 1 X IVS. Roll each in sugar 
in a pie plate to coat generously. 
(Cookies ite soft and will toll into 
a log.) 

6. Top each with an accordion -shape 
tibboQ of vanilla frosting pressed 
through a pastry tube, then covet 
frosting with green decorating gel. 
Let stand on wire racks until frost- 
ing is Arm. 

Almond Wreaths _^__ 

Boke at 300° for 20 minules. 
Makes about 5 dozen cookies 

2 cant (5 ounces each) whole 

blanched Dlmondi 
2 cupi sifted regular flour 
1 cup (2 ilicks) butter or margarine 

1 cup 1 0X (confectioners powdered) 


2 (ablespDons lemon juice 

Red antf green candied cherries 

!. Chop or grind almonds very fine; 
mix with flour in a medium -size 

2. Cream butier ot margarine with lOX 
sugar until dufy-lighi in a large 
bowl; beat in lemon juice. 

5. Stir in flout mixture, a third at a 
time, blending well to make a so£c 
dough. Chill several hours, or over- 
night, until hrm enough to handle. 

4. Roll dough, a heaping teaspoonful 
at a time, into balls betA'een palms 
of hands. Place, 2 inches apart, on 
latge cooky sheets. 

5. Flamn each ball to a 2-inch round 
with palm of hand; press a bole in 
center with tip of woo den -spoon 
handle. Decorate each with half a 
red cherry and slivers of green 

6. Bake in slow oveti ( 500° 1 20 min- 
utes, or until firm but not brown. 

Remove carefully from cooky sheets 
to wire tacks; cool completely. 

Cutout Famasies ^^ 

Bake at 350° For 8 minutes. 

Mokes about 4 dozen 4'inch cutouts 

4 cups sifted regular flour 

4 teaspoons baking powder 

Vi teaspoon salt 

h cup buller or margarine 

V) cup firmly packed light brown 

ii cup light molasses 
1 egg 
I leospoon vanilla 

Ornamental Frosting Irecipe follows) 
1 envelope (I ounce} liquid 
unsweetened chocolate 
Yellow, red and green food 

1. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt 
onto waxed paper. 

2. Cream butter or margarine with 
brown sugar until flufiy-lighc in a 
medium-size bowl; beat in molasses, 
egg, and vanilla 

3. Stir in flout mixture, a third at a 
time, blending well to make a stiff 
dough. Chill several hours, ot over- 
night, until firm enough to roll. 

4. Roll out dough, one quarter at a 
time, Va inch thick, on a lightly 
flouted pastry cloth or board; cut 
into animal, flower, ornament, or 
other fancy shapes with a flouted 
cooky cutter, or cut around your 
own cardboard patterns with a sharp 
knife. Place, 1 inch apart, on greased 
large cooky sheets. 

5. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 8 
minutes, or until firm but not brown. 
Remove ftora cooky sheets to wire 
racks; cool completely. 

6. Make Ornamental Frosting. Stir in 
chocolate, or tint yellow, pink, or 
gteen with food colorings; frost and 
decorate cookies, following pictured 

Ornamentai Frostiog 

Mokes obout Vt cup 

H teaspoon vanilla 
P/i cups sifted 10X (confectioners 
powdered) sugar 

Beat egg white, cream of lariac, and 
vanilla until foamy in a small bowl; 
slowly beat in lOX sugar uiscil frostiog 
stands in hem peaks and is stiff enough 
to hold a sharp line when cut through 
with a knife. Store any leftover ftosi- 
ing in a tightly coveted jar in the 
refrigerator for another day's baking. 

Candy Canes 

Bake at 330° for 12 minutes. 
Mokes IVj dozen 4-mch cookies 

2 cups sifted regular flour 
'A teaspoon baking soda 
Va teaspoon soil 
ft cup butter or margarine 
Vi cup sugar 

1 whole egg 

1 egg yolk 

1 teaspoon vanilla 

Ornamental Frosting ftee obovej 
Red food coloring 

1. Sift flour, soda, and salt onto waxed 

2. Cream butter or margarine with 
sugar until fluffy-light in a latge 
bowl; beat in egg, egg yolk, and 
vanilla. Stir in flour mixture, half 
at a lime, blending well to make a 
siifi dough. 

3. Roll out dough, an eighth at a time, 
on a lightly floured pastry doth or 
board with palms of hands to a log 
about as (hick as a pencil. Cut into 
5-inch lengths. Place, I inch apart, 
on lightly greased latge cooky sheets. 
Curve one end of each to resemble a 

4. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 12 
minutes, or until firm and lightly 
golden. Remove from cooky sheets 
to wire racks; cool completely. 

5. Frost canes with part of the Oraa- 
raenial Frojiing. Stir a few drops red 
food coloring into remaining frost- 
ing to tint deep pink; press through 
a cake-decorating set onto frosted 
canes to form stripes. Let stand on 
wire racks until frosting is firm. 

I egg white 
H teaspoon Cream of tartar 


Sesame Wafers 

Bake ol 350° for 10 minulei. 
Moket 8 dozen imall eoakiet 

2 cups sifted regular flour 

'A teaspoon boking toda 

Vi teaspon sail 

I cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine 

I cup sugar 

I egg 

1 lea*poon vanilto 

2 packages {about 2 ounces each) 

EBsaine seeds (about '. i cup) 

1. Sift flour, soda, and sale onto waxed 

2. Cream butter or margarine with 
sugar until fiuffy-light in a large 
bowl; beat in egg atid vanilla. 

3. Stir in flout mixcure, half at a time, 
blending well to make a soft dough. 
Chill several hours, or overnight, 
until firm enough to handle. 

4. Roll dough, a teaspoonful at a time, 
into balls between palms of bands, 
[ben roll in sesame seeds in a pie 
plate to coat lightly. Place, 2 inches 
apart, on lightly greased large cooky 

5. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 10 
minutes, or until delicately golden. 
Remove from cooky sheets to wire 
racks: cool completely. 

(1) Candy Cane (2) Tangerine Snowball (3) Orange 
fleil (4) Robin's Nests (5) Almond Wreath (6) Cutout 
Fantasies (7) JoHy Snowmon (8) Fruit Spriti (9) Pep- 
permint Bonbon (10) Date Accordion (1 1) Shortbread 
Rose (12) Sesame Wofer (13) Meringue Star and Kiss 






tien you plan the food for a holiday 
party, you may want to include some of the famous 
sweets of Europe, something delicious your guests 
won't get at everyone else's house. Some European 
pastries will cail for skill and artistry on your part. 
See the exquisite Petits Fours, opposite, and the 
Cherry Strudel — recipe on page I4. There are no 
short cuts to making these, and they show it. The 
Noel Gateau below, made with apricot preserves 
and chestnut puree, will testify to your baking 
ability, as will the English Trifle, the Italian Panet- 
tone, and the Buche de Noel, or classic French 
Yule log. The Dutch Christmas Cookies below, 
though simple to make, taste of brown sugar, al- 
monds, and spices, and look Old World charming. 
Recipes for European pastries follow. 




1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 



Petits Fours 

Bake ot 350° for 30 minutes. 
Makes 6% dwen liny loltei 

2V* cups tided cake flour 
VA cupt sugar 
3 taaipoont baking powdar 

1 teaspoon lair 

2 eggi, separated 
H cup salad oil 

I cup milk 

I teaspoon vanilla 

Apricot Glaze [rec/pe follows) 
Fondont Frosting (recipe follows) 
Buttar Cream Decorating Frosting 
[feeipe follows) 

1. Grease a jelly-roll pan, 15 x 10 s 1; 
line bonom with waxed paper; 
grease paper. 

2. Sift cake flour, 1 cup of the sugax, 
b^ing powder, and salt into a large 

3- Beat egg whites uniil foamy- white 
and double in volume in a medium- 
size bowl; sprinkle in remaining V^ 
cup sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, 
beating all the time unril meringue 
forms soft peaks. 

4. Blend salad oil and V^ cup of the 
milk into Hour mixture, then beat 2 
minutes wich mixer at medium 
speed, or 150 strokes by hand. Stir 

in egg yolks, remaining Vz cup milk, 
and vanilla; heat 1 minute at me- 
dium speed, or !00 strokes by 
hand. Fold in meringue until no 
streaks of white remain. Pour into 
prepared pan. 

5. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 30 
minutes, or until top of cake springs 
back when lightly pressed with 

6, Cool in pan on a wire rack 5 min- 
utes; loosen around edges with a 
knife; invert onto a large rack or 
clean towel; peel off waxed paper; 
cool cake completely. Wrap tightly 
in foil or transparenr wrap and 

7. When ready to frost and decorate, 
unwrap cake and place on a cutting 
board; trim crusts. Cut cake into 36 
diamonds, IQ squares, 20 rectangles, 
and 12 IVi" rounds, toIEowing dia- 
gram above. 

8, Prepare AprICOT GlazE and glaze 
cakes. Allow at least 3 hours for 
glaze to dr)'. 

9- Prepare frosting and frost cakes. 
Allow at least 6 hours for the two 
coats of frosUDg to dry. 

Apricot Glaze 

Mokes enough to glozs 6'/] dozen tiny 


1 j'ar (12 ounces) apricot preserves 
1 cup sugar 
1 cup water 

1. Heat apricot preserves, stictiiig con- 
stantly, until melted in a small 
saucepan; remove from heat. Press 
through a sieve into a small bowl, or 
blend until smooth ia blender. 

2. Combine sugar and water in sauce- 
pan; heat, stirring several times, to 
boiling, then cook, without stirring, 
to 230° on a candy thermometer. 

(A small amoimt of syrup will spin 
a 2-inch thread when dropped from 
a spoon. J Stir syrup into sieved pre- 

3. Holding cakes, one at a time, ott a 
fork over bowl, spoon on glaze to 
cover completely. 

4. Place cakes on wire racks set over 
waxed paper or foil; let stand 3 
hours, or until sticky but firm. 

FondaQt Frosting 

Mokes enough to frost 6'/<i dozen liny 

3 cups granulated sugar 
'A teaspoon cream of tartar 
tVi cups water 
1 package (1 pound) sifted lOX 

(confectioners powdered) sugar 
(about AVi cups) 
V* teaspoon salt 
) teaspoon vanilla 
'/i teaspoon almond exlrocl 
'/i teaspoon lemon entraet 
Yellow food coloring 
Few drops peppermint extract 
Red food coloring 

1. Combine granulated sugar, cream of 
tartar, and water in a large saucepan; 
heat slowly, stirring constantly, until 
sugar dissolves, then cook, without 
stirring, to 226° on a candy ther- 
mometer; remove from heat, 

2. Cool to 125°, then gradually beat in 
I OX sugar, salt, and vanilla until 
smooth and thick. (It will take from 
4 to 4 ','2 cups of sugar.) Measure 
IV3 cups into a second bowl; set 
remaining aside for Step 5. 

3. Again holding glazed cakes, one at a 
time on a fork over bowl, spoon or 
the first layer of frosting to cover 

4. Use a wooden pick to slide each cake 
onto a rack set over waxed paper or 


foil; scrape any frosting that drips 
OQto paper or foil back into bowl. 
Let calces stand 2 hours, or until 
frosting is firm. 

5. Wheo ready to add final coal of 
frosting, divide remaining frosting 
into three custard cups; stir almond 
extract into one cup; stir lemon ex- 
tract and a few drops of food color- 
ing to tint frosting pale yellow into 
the second cup; stir a few drops pep- 
permint extract and red food color- 
ing to tint frosting pale pink into the 
third cup. 

6. Working with a third of the frosted 
cakes, hold, ooe at a time, on a fork 
over almond- frosting cup; spoon 
frf)sting, the same as for vanilla coal- 
ing, over cakes to cover tops and 
sides completely. (If frosting gets 
too thick to spoon, slir in a drop or 
two of hot water.) 

7. Repeat Step 6 with remaining plain 
frosted cakes, coveting half of them 
with lemon frosting and the remain- 
ing half with peppermint frosting. 
Let stand 4 hours, or until frosting 
is completely dry, 

8. Prepare decorating frosting and deco- 
rate these dainty confections as 
simply or elaborately as you wish. 

Butter Cream 
Decorating Frosting 

Makes enough lo decorate 61^ dozen 
liny cokes 

K cup (1 ilick) butter or margaritte 
3!4 cups sifted 10X (confectioners 
powdered) sugar 
1 egg white 

Red, yellow, and green food color- 

1, Cream butter or margarine in a 
medium- size bowl; beat in lOX 

sugar gradually and egg white until 
frosting is creamy -smtwih. Divide 
into 4 small bowls. 

2. Leave one white, and lint each of the 
others with a drop or two of food 
colorings to make pink, yellow, and 

3. Fill a cake- decorating set with frost- 
ing, one color at a time; fit with slat, 
leaf, flower, rosette, or plain tip, fol- 
lowing manufacturer's diteaions, and 
decorate cakes with the designs of 
your choice. 

Noel Gateau 

Bake at 325° foi 25 la 35 minutes. 
Makes 6 to 8 servings 

H cup (1 slick] butter or margarine 

'A cup sugar 

2 large eggs 

1 cup self-rising flour 

1 teaspoon baking powder 

^/i cup apricot preserves 

I tablespoon water 

VS cup sliced blanched almonds 

>4 cup chestnut puree 

'A cup creom for whipping 

1. Preheat oven to 325°. Line two 8" 
layer cake pans with waxed paper 
and brush with a little oil. 

2. Place butier, sugar, eggs, flour, and 
baking powder in a large mixing 
bowl. Beat with a wooden spoon. 
Pour into two layer cake pans. Level 
the surface of each with a knife if 
necessary. Bake for 25 to 35 minutes. 
When just firm to the touch, put on 
a wire tray to cool. 

3. To make the apricot glaze, place the 
preserves and water in a small sauce- 
pan and heat uniil melted. Cool. 
Brown the almonds lightly in the 

4. Spread most of the chestnut puree on 
one sponge cake 1 save about 1 

labiespoooful). Place the other 
sponge cake on top and press down 
lightly. Brush the sides of the cake 
Ughily with some of the apricot 
glaze. Place the nuts on a shallow 
plate and roll cake in them to coat 
sides. Spread remaining apricot glaze 
on top of the cake with a spatula. 
5. Whip cream until it stands in peaks. 
Fold in the test of the chestnut puree. 
Place this in a pastry bag with a star 
tube and pipe rosettes around the 
top of the cake. 

Dutch Christmas Coot:ies 

Bake ot 350° for 10 lo 15 minutes. 
Makei 2 deien cookies 

Va cup (\\A Slick) butter or margarine 

Vi cup brown sugar, firmly packed 
2 cups cake flour, sifted 

Vk teaspoon salt 

'A teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
I teaspoon Hnd of lemon, finely 
1H cup sliced olmonds 

Vi cup crushed shortbreod cookiet 

1. Preheat oven to 350°. Cream the but- 
ter and sugar together until light 
and fluffy. Sift the flour, sail, and 
spices into the cteamed mixture. Add 
lemon rind, almonds, and cookies. 
Knead until stiff. Place on a plate, 
cover with waxed paper, and chiU 
for 20 minutes. 

2. Roll oui to i-a" thick on a lightly 
flouted board. Cut into siar shapes 
and other Christmas shapes, {If you 
wish, lightly press chopped glace 
cfierries into dough.) 

3. Place cookies on a buttered cookie 
sheet and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. 

4. When baked, place cookies on a 
wire rack to cool. Sprinkle with 
sugar and store in an airtight tin. 




{Fr/fii Bread jwir. Ujty ) 

Bake a» 350° for 45 minulM. 
Moke) 1 targe 8-inch round loaf 

Vi cup milk 

K cup granulated sugar 
1 teospoon salt 
10 tablespoons (1''^ slicks) butter or 

1 envelope active dry v^ast 
OR: T cake compressed yeast 

Va tup very warm water 

2 eggs 

2 egg yolks 
4'/i cups sifted regular flour 
I tablespoon grated lemon rind 
I cup golden raisins 
I container (4 ounces) candied cit- 
ron, chapped 
Vi cup pine nuts (pignollas) 

lOX (confectioners powdered) 

1. Combine milk, graaulated sugar, 
salt, and 8 iabI«pooiis ( 1 stick ) of 
the butter or margarine in a small 
saucepan. Heat slowly, stirring con- 
stantly, just until butter melts; cool 
to lukewarm. 

2. Sprinkle or crumble yeast into very 
warm water in a large bowl. (Very 
warm water should feel comfortably 
warm when dropped on wnsi. ) Stir 
until yeast dissolves, then beat in 
cooled milk mixture, eggs, and egg 

3. Beat in 2 cups of the flour until 
smooth; stir in lemon rind, raisins, 
citron, and nuts, Stit in 2 cups more 
flour to make a soft sticky dough, 

4. Turn out onto a lightly floured pastry 
cloth or board; knead until smooth 
and elastic, adding only enough extra 
flour to keep dough from sticking. 
Place in a greased large bowl; turn 
to coat all over with shortening; 
cover with a towel. Let rise in a 

warm place, away from draft, IVi 
hours, or until double in bulk. 

5. While dough rises, grease an 3-inch 
round layer-cake pan. Measure a strip 
of foil long enough to hi around 
pan with a 2-inch overlap; fold in 
quarters lengthwise. Place around in- 
side edge of pan; hold in place with 
a paper clip. (Foil will make a col- 
lar 11, 2 inches above edge of pan.) 

6. Punch dough down and knead in 
bowl several times; shape into a ball. 
Press into prepared pan; cover. Let 
rise again in a warm place, away 
ftom draft, 1 1/2 hours, ot until 
double in bulk. Lightly cut a shallow 
cross in top of dough with a sharp 

7. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter 
or margarine in a small saucepan. 
Brush part over dough. 

8. Bake in moderate oven (350") 20 
minutes; brush with remaining 
melted butter or margarine. Bake 23 
minutes longer, or until loaf gives a 
hollow sound when tapped. Remove 
from pan to a wire rack. Sprinkle 
top with lOX sugar. Shce into 
wedges; serve warm or cold. 

English Trifle 

Makes )I servings 

16 thin slices pound cake 

^/i cup apricot jam 

1 teaspoon sherry eKtroel 

1 teaspoon rum extroci 
\ cup orange iuice 

4 cups (3 pints) strawberries, 

woshed, hulled, and sliced 

4 eggs 

V* cup granulated sugar 

2 cups milk 

2 teaspoons vanilla 

2 cups cream for whipping 

Vi cup 10X (confectioners powdered) 

12 crisp mocaroon cookies 

1. Spread 8 slices of the pound cake 
with apricot jam; put together, sand- 
wich style, with remaining 8 slices; 
cut each crosswise into 3 strips. Ar- 
range around side and bottom of a 
large shallow glass bowl. 

2. Stir sherry and rum extracts into 
orange juice in a I -cup measure; 
drizzle over cake, 

3. Save about V2 cup of the sliced 
strawberries for garnish in Step 6, 
then spoon remaining over cake; 
cover; chill. 

4. Beat eggs shghily with granulated 
sugar and milk in top of a small 
double boiler, CtK>k, stirring con- 
stantly, over simmering, not boiling, 
water, 15 minutes, or until custard 
thickens slightly and coats a metal 
spoon. Strain into a medium-size 
bowl; stir in 1 teaspoon of the 
vanilla; cover; chill. 

5. When ready to put dessert together, 
beat cream with lOX sugar and re- 
maining 1 teaspoon vanilla until stiff 
in a medium-size bowl, 

6. Pour chilled custard over cake and 
berries; stand macaroons around edge 
of bowl. Spoon whipped cream in 
mounds over custard. Pile saved 
SI raw berries in center and sprinkle 
with toasted slivered almonds, if 
you wish. 

Hote — Trifle can be made up several 
hours ahead and kept chilled until 
serving time. For fruit variety, try it 
also with sliced peaches or pears or 
pitted halved apricots. 




i-....;!L- de .\«-i 

Bake at 375° lor 12 to IS minutei. 
Mokes 12 servings 

1 cup sifted coke flour 
Vi cup cocoa powder 
1 teaspoon baking powder 
''4 teaspoon sail 
3 eggs 

I cup granulated tugor 
Vi cup water 
1 feotpoon vonitla 

10X (confectioners powdered) 

Coffee Cream Filling (recipe FoJfowi) 
Chocolcile Butter Frosting (rec/pe 

1. Grease a jelly-roll pan, 15 x lOx 1; 
line with waxed paper cut 1/2 itich 
smaller than pan; grease paper. 
'2. Sift flour, cocoa, baking powder, and 
sail onto waxed paper. 

3- Beat eggs until thick and creamy In 
a medium-size bowl; beat iti granu- 
lated sugar, ! tablespoon at a time, 
beating all the time until mixture is 
very thick. Stir in watet and vanilla; 
fold in tlout mixture. Spread batter 
evenly la prepared pan. 

4. Bake in moderate oven (375°) 12 
to 15 minutes, or until center 
springs back when lightly pressed 
with fingertip, 

5. Cut around cake about VS Jnch from 
edge of pan with a sharp knife; in- 
vert pan onto a clean towei dusted 
with I OX sugar; peel off waxed 
paper. Starting ai a long side, roll 
up cake, jelly-roll fashion; wrap in 
towel; cool completely on a wire 

6. Unroll cake carefully; spread with 
Coffee Cream Filling; reroU. Place 
on a serving plate. 

7. Cut a Vi -inch- thick slice from one 
end of cake roll; remove inner coil 
and reshape tightly to form a "knot" 
on a log; t'rtwt with a bit of Choco- 
late Butler Frosting. Frost cake roll 
with remaining frosting; draw the 
tines of a fork lengthwise through 
frosting to resemble "bark"; press 
"knot" onto side. Sprinkle ends of 
roll with chopped pistachio nuts, 
dust top with lOX sugar. 

8. Chill until serving time. Cut cross- 
wise iaco thick siices. 


1 cup cream tor whipping, 1 tablespoon 
instant coffee, and Vi cup sifted lOX 
(confectioners powdered) sugar in a 
medium-size bowl; beat until stifi. 

— Melt 4 tablespoons {Vi stick) butter 
or margarine and 2 squares unsweet- 
ened chocolate in the top of a double 
boiler over hot, not boiling, water; coo! 
slightly. Combine 2 cups sifted I OX 
(confectioners powdered) sugar, H 
cup milk, and Vi leasptwn vanilla in a 
medium-siw bowJ; slowly beat in 
chocolate mixture until frosting is 
smooth and easy to spread. 



With tlic exception of the Orientals, ilurc 
arc vimiiilly no jicople on fanli «'hu don't lovt 
coffee. The Utins add choiol.uc lo it. the Irish 
add whiskej', rhc middle and southern T-uropcans 
add spices and whipped cream, aod rht l^rt-nch put 
brandy in it and then set fire to it. Wc drink it 
hot. iifd. \vt-;»k. strong, all d,iy lonj:. .ind in mugs. 

paper cups, coffee cups, and in beautiful dctni- 
tJsses. Cife Druioi. below, has spicts. brandy, 
und .\ sti^lic oranije fl.ivor. It's for your best holi- 
day dinner party, tiamcd and servt-d after a simple 
dessert or pctlinps in plaic o( dcssctt. The recipes 
for It and for a sampling of other peoples' coffee 
drinks art below 

Cafe Brulof 

Mokei a servings, oboul W cup eoch 

5 lumps (ugar 
1 cup brandy 

1 quart very ilrong hot coffee 
1 stick cinnamon 

6 cloves 

1 piece vanilla bean 
3 pieces orange rind 

1. Soak a sugar lump in brandy, te- 
move, and set aside. Add remaining 
A sugar lumps lo brandy. 

2. Pour coffee into chafing dish or metal 
bowl witb a flame underneatb it. 
Add cinnamon, cloves, vanilla bean, 
and orange rind. Stir together. Add 

3. Place the brandy-soaked lump of 
sugar on a. serving ladle and ignite. 
Add, flaming, to the Cafe Bruloi 
and serve immediately. 


Makes 12 seivings, abcul ^h cup each 

6 eggs, chilled 

Grated peel of 1 lemon 
K cup sugar 

3 cupi cold strong coffee beverage 
H cup brandy or cognac 

1. Beat eg^ and lemon peel until lighr 
and fluffy. Add sugar gradually and 
continue lo beat until thick. 

2. Stir in coffee slowly, then add brandy. 
Serve in chilled glasses. 

Irish Coffee 

Makes 8 servings, about 1 cup each. 
Serve in Irish toffee goblets oi in mugs 

fl teaspoons sugar 

6 cups strong hot coffee 

8 jiggers Irish whiskey 

S tablespoons whipped cream 

1. Heat each goblet ot mug by putting 
ft metal spoon in the empty goblet 

and pouting hot water onto the 
spoon and then into the goblet. 
Pour out water. 

2. Put a teaspoon of sugar in each gob- 
ki. Add enough coffee to dissolve 
the sugar; srir. Add a jigger of Irish 
whiskey to each goblec, then fill gob- 
let to within an inch of the btim 
with more coffee. 

3. Slide each spoonful of whipped 
cream over the back of a teaspoon 
held over each goblet of coffee. Do 
not stir. Serve at once. 

Cafe Mexicano 

Mokes 4 servings, about 'fi cup eoch 

4 teaspoons chocolate syrup 

^A cup heavy cream 

Vt teaspoon cinnamon (for lopping) 

V* teaspoon nutmeg 

1 tablespoon sugar 

Vi teaspoon cinnomon (for coffee) 
VA cups strong hot coffee 

1. Put 1 teaspoon chocolate syrup into 
each of 4 small cups. 

2. Combine heavy cream with L^ tea- 
spoon cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. 
Whip until stiff. 

3. Stir Vi teaspoon cinnamon into cof- 
fee. Pour into cups and stir to 
blend wiih syrup. Top with spiced 
whipped cream. 

Mediterranean CofiFee 

Makes 12 servings, about V% cup each 

2 quarts strong hot coffee 
Va cup chocolate syrup 

'/) cup sugar 

4 cinnamon sticks, eoch about 3" 
11^ leospooni whole cloves 
Yi teaspoon anise flavoring 
Peel of I oronge, in strips 
Peel of 1 lemon, in strips 
Whipped creotn 

1. Combine coffee, chocolate synip, 

sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and anise in 
a deep chafing dish ot a large carafe 
with a flame underneath It. Steep 
over very low heat for 15 minutes 
(do not boil). 
2, Serve in demiiasse cups or small 
mugs with a twist of lemon peel, a 
twist of orange peel, and a spoonful 
of whipped cream in each. 

Spiced Coffee Vienna 

Makes 6 servings, obout Vi cup each 

3 cups extra-strong hot coffee 

3 cinnamon slicks 

4 whole cloves 

4 ollspice berries 

Softly whipped cream 



1. Pour coffee into chafing dish with a 
flame underneath it. Add cinnamon 
sticks, doves, and allspice berries. 
Steep ovei very low heat for 10 to 
15 minutes, Stiaio, 

2. Pour into wine glasses and top with 
softly whipped cream. Sprinkle with 
nutmeg and serve with sugar. 

Brazilian Coffee 

Makes S to 6 servings, about I cup each 

2 squores (3 oi.) unsweetened choco- 


3 tablespoons sugar 

1 cup strong hot coffee 

3 cups milk 

1 quart coffee ice cream 

1. Melt chocolate in double boiler. Add 
sugar and blend in. Stir hot coffee in 

2. Scald milk. Add to coffee mixture; 
simmer 10 minures. Remove from 
hear. When cool, beat with rotary 
egg beater until frothy; chill thor- 

3. Serve in tall glasses with large 
scoops of coffee ice creiun.